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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Do you know someone that is a Doctor that works at a Hospital, or an office, A Nurse, A Hospital administrator, An office manager at a Health Clinic, Nursing Home Manager, etc? Read on so I can show you how I can help your place of business Save MONEY ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

Let me introduce myself to you.  My name is Jason A. Sims, I am the Owner of Lifeguard Medical Supply, Inc, located in Avenel, NJ. My email is I have owned Lifeguard since 2012. I am a representative of FARABI Health here on the East coast. FARABI Health specializes in Medical Textile – Non-Woven products. We are currently working with several states and cities, several hospitals across the Nation and abroad as well as Numerous Nursing Homes, Doctors’ offices, Clinics, and Schools with providing them their PPE supplies.  We are directly involved  with supplying our customers with products straight from the factory to the end user with no 3rd Party Brokers involved. With the experience and know-how obtained thanks to FARABI Health’s unique way of approaching customer needs, FARABI Health has the capacity to produce any customized items that you would need. This is very important in saving your time and facilitating your funds. Thanks to its wide manufacturing network based in multiple cities of Turkey such as Gaziantep, İstanbul and Mersin, FARABI Health has always been a top choice for those who are seeking a reliable manufacturer.

Jason A. Sims

Lifeguard Medical Supply

1160 Saint George’s Avenue

Avenel, NJ 07001

732 750-2577 Office

732 750-2303 Fax

732 489-1057 Cell

Farabi Health Inc Fahri Demirpence 3901 Manayunk ave.Suite:408



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